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Design & Change

Working with executives, Silverstone Edge drives people-centred organisational change with a disciplined and creative approach.

What we do:

  • Identify change drivers and form the leadership team to deliver.
  • Develop the vision for change and key initiatives to achieve it, with a constant focus on “why”.
  • Support the program with change champions, accelerated workshops and creative communications.
  • Track and report on change/transformation impact and achievement of benefits.

With any change program, there is likely to be substantial change to business processes. Silverstone Edge uses a variety of approaches to achieve sustainable productivity improvements:

  • Engage with the people whose work will change and work with them to design new ways of working in traditional and novel ways.
  • Generate commitment to change through regular work shopping and rapid implementation.
  • Support teams with coaching, creative communications and benefits reporting.
  • Ensure transfer and capture of knowledge to embed sustainability of work program.

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