Department of Human Services (DHS) ICT Infrastructure Division had embarked on the transformation of its services from a traditional model to “ICT as a Service”.

Silverstone Edge was engaged to develop the transformation strategy and to implement the change program over a period of 18 months.

Our approach combined executive level experience with creative use of visualisation, co-design and accelerated solution events. Our team included experience in the technical and adaptive change journey associated with infrastructure transformation, coupled with transformation implementation, service design thinking and visualisation. Our approach was agile, iterative and designed to:

  • Diagnose the leadership challenge and change impacts of the transformation
  • Build a narrative for the transformation journey which would form the basis of the transformation strategy
  • Co-design the Transformation Program with the ICT extended leadership and stakeholders
  • Inspire people with the direction and forward plan

Following the successful engagement to deliver the Transformation Strategy, Silverstone Edge was engaged to implement the transformation strategy. This included detailing the ICT as a Service Operating Model with collaborative service design workshops and designing and delivering the capability development necessary for the Division to operate in the new service model.

This case study demonstrates our hands-on experience implementing digital transformation change and associated capability development initiatives. The following is an example artefact showing the change journey: