As an employed consultant at Silverstone Edge you’ll get to work across a range of disciplines with both government and commercial clients.

​We like to take on big, complex and challenging projects. This ensures a fertile learning environment with room to grow.

To be successful at this role, it’s about getting stuff done, delivering value and leaving a legacy for the client.

We’re currently looking for consultants with experience in any of the following areas:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Communications
  • Project management
  • Delivery
  • Change

Practice Partners

Are you a corporate refugee or escapee? Do you have a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial mindset?

Then build your practice in-house with Silverstone Edge. We’re looking for smart people, wanting to do great work, have some fun and make some money while using their unique abilities.

This is ideal for someone who:

  • Has worked in consulting in larger firms and is ready for more sovereignty
  • Has built business before
  • Has an existing network and is prepared to sell to it
  • Has capability that is valuable and complementary
  • Is self-authoring

What Silverstone Edge offers you:

  • Absolute market presence
  • Rich credentials
  • Precedence in desired markets
  • A strong values framework
  • Lucrative opportunities
  • Autonomy

Friends of the Firm

We’re always open to broadening our ecosystem of professional, independent consultants.

You may have your own practice under your own brand and are happy with that model.

Where we can assist each other is with complementary skill sets, established relationships and inroads into specific industries.

We have all the background  credentials, insurances and sit on a number of panels, so we can add more clout to your next tender or pitch.

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