The National Disability Insurance Agency had built significant people and system capability in the first three years of its existence.

In late 2017, the Agency was seeking to develop a new people strategy to assign and guide the priorities for its people over the next three years of maturity and Scheme growth.

Silverstone Edge was engaged to co-design the People Strategy with a series of co-design workshops with Agency staff. It was important for this co-design to meet the Agency objectives to:

  • Align the Scheme objectives with the people strategy – there was a significant opportunity to position and cascade consistent performance and accountability messages across the Agency, which is critical to Scheme success.
  • Prepare the Agency for anticipated future changes and to further define, source and build the capability of Agency people to deliver the Scheme on time and on budget

The Strategy has a three-year time horizon and includes initiatives for:

  • Culture and Engagement;
  • Diversity and Inclusion;
  • Learning and Development;
  • Workforce Planning;

Silverstone Edge continues to be engaged by the Agency in a range of strategy, co-design and facilitation activities.

For the Provider, Market, Sector Development Division, Silverstone Edge has researched, designed and delivered an ongoing learning and development program to develop the operational capability of a recently promoted SES cohort the majority of whom are new to the public sector.

We worked closely with the General Manager People & Culture and the Executive Manager Learning and Development to create a learning and development service catalogue for Agency staff and third-party providers. Learning and Development is accessed via the portal, may be consumed individually or through workshop and learning sessions or in smaller team learning settings.