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Silverstone Edge is a transformation consultancy focused on creating whole brain,
wholehearted solutions to complex, business critical problems.

We work with forward-looking leaders to clarify complexity,
implement change and deliver accelerated results.

We’ll guide you through the challenges
and opportunities of these areas:

Using design thinking, visualisation techniques and creative frameworks, we empower you to successfully lead transformation in your organisation.


We apply Edge Thinking to deliver ideally purposed, bespoke solutions for your complex organisational challenges.


We implement the means to fast-track the understanding and adoption of new, more efficient ways to achieve your business goals.


We help you with improved performance, business and process efficiency, powerful positive teams, and meeting critical deadlines.

Strategy & Transformation

Transformation is complex.
There are many conflicting factors and drivers needing to be aligned.
We work with you to design a strategy and implementation plan to make transformation a reality in your organisation.

  • Strategy design
  • Implementation planning
  • Leadership alignment

Conscious Leadership

The future of leadership belongs to the curious and the courageous.
Our leadership consulting and coaching provokes leaders to stand back, reflect and understand themselves better.
Aiming to maximise performance, we guide clarity of direction and priorities, uncovering blind spots, building relationships and enabling creative thinking.

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership team development
  • Culture, vision and values creation

Design & Change

New ways of working are becoming the key priorities of many organisations as they embrace digital and  people-centred operations.
Working with executives, Silverstone Edge drives people-centred organisational change with a disciplined and creative approach.

  • Change readiness
  • Change implementation
  • Capability review
  • Workforce planning
  • Organisational performance

Digital Edge

Disruption is everywhere.
Leaders are struggling to keep up.
Our services are designed to support you in recognising
and leading the change required for digital transformation.

  • Digital capability assessment
  • Digital capability development
  • Digital implementation scaffolding

Communication & Storytelling

Communications are integral to all successful projects and programs.
Telling stories that are relevant, timely and easily shared will have a huge impact on your organisation.
Silverstone Edge incorporates communication techniques that reflect your culture and advance your narrative.

  • Communication strategy and planning
  • Written and verbal narratives
  • Infographics, videos and graphic recordings
  • Internal and external events

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