The Department of Defence was transforming its ICT Infrastructure. Silverstone Edge was engaged to design, develop and implement practical change and communications support for the transition into service of the existing environment to the new global service provider.

The transformation program was a significant change in operating model for the Department and required roll out of change and communications over a 15-month implementation timeframe.

Silverstone Edge conducted user research, out of which was developed a suite of learning materials communications including video, infographics, learning events, online training and a wide variety of information products and key visualisations to support the stakeholders in understanding the change taking place and its impact on them. Key to the success of the strategy was:

  • Alignment with ICT Transformation Project objectives, deliverables and milestones which, in turn, built alignment
  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement in the design, review and implementation of the transformation project
  • Communicating effectively and regularly to build overall understanding of the ICT Transformation.