The Leading Digital Transformation (LDT) program will equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to digitally transform their agencies.

Silverstone Edge was engaged to deliver the Digital Leadership Immersion program, design to assist Senior Executive Service (SES) leaders to:

  • Identify services, products and processes that can be transformed to enable significant improvements for users of services, products and processes
  • Align their agency’s services to the Digital Service Standard (the Standard) to improve the design, development and implementation of successful digital services, products and processes
  • Apply strategic actions to drive the changes required in key areas to achieve digital transformation including: the customer/user experience, operational processes, business models, culture and workforce.

We worked with the commission and curriculum design partner to develop the content and delivery of a three-day immersive experience for SES leaders. The program content included:

  • Understanding of technology trends and impact on business models and operational processes
  • Application of digital technologies for operational improvement and productivity
  • Systems and complexity theory for analysing complex systems
  • Practical case study for developing approaches to digital transformation
  • Workforce implications, skill and capability requirements.

Silverstone Edge has now facilitated the three-day program for over 200 SES participants. This case study demonstrates Silverstone Edge experience in delivering engaging workshops in the context of digital transformation and the impact of technology on workforce.