Business leaders from across the city were given a unique preview of the rapid transformation services provided by Silverstone Edge, at their official today at Eureka 89. Guests learned how to create and implement new strategic directions, translate human capital and technology capability into business benefits and achieve organisational change, empowering those at the epicenter of organisations to drive projects and act as champions.

Guest speaker, Mr John Harnden AM, current Chairman of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and recently appointed Director on Cricket Australia’s Board delivered The Game Changer. Throughout his presentation, John reflected on his experience of leading in highly complex and multi-stakeholder environments.

“It’s imperative that leaders walk towards the pressure and resist being held back by current models of thinking. Complexity is increasing faster than leadership capability, which is creating a challenging gap. The whole organisation must be able to embrace change in order to effectively and efficiently achieve it,” says John Harnden.

“Never before has it been possible to cheaply and instantaneously communicate directly with almost anyone on the planet. We’ve seen dramatic changes, not only to the way we live and work, but also how we communicate and consume. This has brought big paradigm shifts – from what a business does and who it sells to or services.” John Harnden asked “Are the leaders of Australian businesses and organisations ready to lead and are they equipped to succeed?”.

Lucy Christie, co-founder and principal of Silverstone Edge explained how her new business “translates human capital and technology capability into business benefits, bringing a new perspective, an outside-in approach to business opportunities or challenges. Using industry leading visualisation techniques and creative frameworks, we rapidly transfer our experience, knowledge and capability to facilitate transformational change in client organisations. We enable business leaders to lead more effectively.”

Lucy is a highly experienced and impactful Senior Executive Consultant with extensive Australian and international corporate and consulting experience. She has had deep exposure to business transformation, integration and the fusion between human resources, business strategy and execution.

Melanie Kontze, co-founder and principal of Silverstone Edge, has had an equally impressive career. Both women bring their extensive expertise to the Melbourne market, with a vision for a unique, more agile business experience.

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