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Strategic Planning

Client Major Sporting Organisation
Services Strategic Planning

The challenge

The organisation is a successful Canberra based club which, like others in the sector, is experiencing significant change. There is increasing pressure on traditional revenue streams, changing community expectations and increased governance and risk requirements. The CEO and Board of the organisation identified the need for a new strategic plan, which would recognise the history and strengths of the organisation, outline strategies to diversify the portfolio, whilst maintaining reasonable risk.

Silverstone Edge was engaged to facilitate the development of the strategic plan with the Board and members of the senior management team. Our aim was to develop a strategic plan to which the whole Board and management team would commit. In addition to this we sought to:

  • Reinforce the strategic focus of the Board
  • Engender ownership of the vision, mission and strategy
  • Reinforce the already cooperative and respectful working relationships.
Strategic Planning

Our approach was to work with the CEO and Board President to identify very clear objectives and to design and facilitate a two day accelerated collaborative workshop to achieve their desired outcomes.

The collaborative workshop design included a range of techniques to engage a diverse group and to bring them together to agree a strategic direction. It enabled the group to understand their roles (as Board members and executive team), to develop strategic goals for the next five years and to outline high level implementation.  Most importantly, the strategic plan has the commitment of both the Board and the Executive.