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Enabling Enterprise Project Management Office

Client Australian Government Agency
Services Program Transformation

The challenge

An Australian Government Agency is currently on a journey of re-invention: “… driving a transformational program, reinventing the Agency… " This program challenges our thinking around concepts such as compliance and participation, the client experience, being contemporary and managing the pressures of being a useful and sustainable large public service organisation. “

The Government Agency has  a portfolio of projects to support legislative changes, transformation and business improvement.  During this time of significant change within the Government Agency there is an increased appetite for portfolio level views of the organisation to inform investment decisions and facilitate discussions regarding current and future capability requirements.

The Government Agency engaged Silverstone Edge to analyse the portfolio management documentation and information and to develop multiple views and insights. In particular, the aim was to:

  • Develop products to engage key senior stakeholders and executives that:
    • Distil complex systems, processes and information
    • Support portfolio investment decision making
  • Recommend options to present information and executive reports in an interactive fashion.

Enabling Enterprise Project Management Office
Enabling Enterprise Project Management Office

Silverstone Edge, in partnership with our visualisation service provider Gravity Consulting, provided consulting, information design and visualisation services.  Following a detailed consultation and analysis of portfolio management documentation we developed a series of information products which were delivered as interactive models on the intranet.  This enables a multi-layering of the information to guide stakeholders through complexity.  These models included:

  • Governance model
  • Investment decision making model
  • Program Management model
  • Interactive Outcomes Map.