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Why choose Silverstone Edge? 


Managing large and small, business critical, change and efficiency programs are the tasks we relish. The challenge is keeping often hundreds of stakeholders engaged at the right times in the right way in order to make the right decisions and change their behaviours to adopt the program.

We really know how to get everyone involved, motivated and engaged in the short, medium and longer term. We understand the complexity of managing multiple layers of stakeholders. Our approach not only empowers those at the program epicentre to drive projects and act as champions, it also delivers a positive experience to those on the periphery who only need to be engaged from time to time.

How is Silverstone Edge different?

Legacy can hold you back but heritage has value and power to move organisations forward. We understand the essential difference between heritage and legacy and know that good transformation work extracts from heritage, places it firmly in the forward process while it also corals legacy, honours the past and closes it out.

We’re not intoxicated with our own agenda or language and create bespoke tools specifically purposed to achieve your goals.

Our holistic approach creates a fertile delivery environment. We catch discretionary effort because we’re focused on increasing pace and achieving productivity. Our approach improves employee wellbeing.