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We bring a new perspective,
an outside-in approach to your
business opportunity or challenge.

​We can help you:

Develop and manage business critical
transformation and change programs

Design ways to keep stakeholders engaged
at the right times, in the right way, from the right decisions

Lead your organisation with awareness and courage

 Transform behaviours in a sustainable manner

Embrace and harness the power of digital

How we work with you to transform your organisation:

We harmonise with your agenda and learn about your success measures.

We connect with stakeholders to build a clear understanding of your ecosystem and what transformation steps are needed.

We work with you to create bespoke tools and programs precisely purposed to achieve your goals.

We create a fertile delivery environment where we iterate, refine and enable you and your teams to confidently move forward.

Strategy &

Design &



& Storytelling

How is Silverstone Edge different?

Legacy can hold you back but heritage has value and power to move organisations forward. We understand the essential difference between heritage and legacy and know that good transformation work extracts from heritage, places it firmly in the forward process while it also corals legacy, honours the past and closes it out.

We’re not intoxicated with our own agenda or language and create bespoke tools specifically purposed to achieve your goals.

Our holistic approach creates a fertile delivery environment. We catch discretionary effort because we’re focused on increasing pace and achieving productivity, while improving employee wellbeing.

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Department of Human Services (DHS) ICT Infrastructure Division had embarked on the transformation of its services from a traditional model to “ICT as a Service”. Silverstone Edge was engaged to develop the transformation strategy and [...]

Department of Defence: Transformation Change Management to Support Infrastructure Transformation.

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The Department of Defence was transforming its ICT Infrastructure. Silverstone Edge was engaged to design, develop and implement practical change and communications support for the transition into service of the existing environment to the new global [...]

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